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The denim map between Japan and Australia

Denim Dudes

Some posts from Amy Leverton’s book “Denim Dudes”

- I could start by telling you many amazing facts about denim and jeans: the fact that at any one time, approximately 50 percent of the global population is wearing a pair of jeans; or that at least 3,9 billion jeans are produced global per year; or that the world jeans market is worth roll $ 75 billion. That got Your attention…?

But it's better to talk from the heart and I can Truly say that denim is the most important fabric of the twenty-first century, not just for me, but for the majority of the world. -



Japan has long been known as the epicenter of the authentic and artisan denim scene. Its obsession with American sportswear and the blue jean began during World War II and hit fever pitch in the 1990s with its pursuit of authentic denim: natural indigo, narrow-loom selvage and vintage machinery replicating the golden era of workwear. More recent brands such as Full Count, Warehouse and Kapital were little known outside of Japan ten years ago, but now these heroes of denim are globally recognized and widely worshipped. Japan’s gods of denim reside in Osaka, Kojima, Okayama, and Tokyo, as well as in obscure township and foothills around the country.

Australia is a relative newcomer to the denim scene and houses the misfits of the denim world. These enthusiastic and brave new denim maniacs were led by brands such as Ksubi in the noughties and now stylish and contemporary labels are emerging in their droves. Melbourne is the main breeding ground for fledgling brands such as Neuw, Nobody and Rolla’s. Despite this scene’s hip and youthful aesthetic, these guys are true denim purists whose main pin-up is a pair of time-worm worker pants.

Amy Leverton has been working in the denim industry since 2003; for four years as a denim and casual wear designer and the last 9 years in trend forecasting and consultancy. She has worked for the two world’s leading trend forecasting sites; WGSN and Stylesight, heading up the denim and youth departments at both companies. In June 2015, after the launch of Denim Dudes, she registered her company in Los Angeles, California where she currently lives and works as an industry consultant.

Her clients include Levi’s, Kingpins and Vivienne Westwood.