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The denim map between America and Europe

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2. Denim Maps: America and Europe

- Denim has literally changed, fuelled and made the lives of so many people in this book, including mine. When talking to these obsessives, they light up as if talking about a loved one: the eyes sparkle, gestures become animated and you have their attention, heart, and soul.-


America is the daddy of denim and its denim history revolves around labor, durability and a "built to last" attitude seen in the original founding brands, such as Levi's, Wrangler, Lee - as well as smaller brands such as Boss of the Road, Headlight and Montgomery Ward. San Francisco remains an epicenter of jeanswear. Brand such as Telleson, Jack Knife and stores such as Self Edge add modern-day kudos. Close by, however, LA has emerged as the modern manufacturing home to all that is indigo. Thousand of denim manufacturers, design houses, global headquarters, laundries, mills, and specialist stores stretch from the Stronghold in Venice, through Vernon, home to giant brands such as 7 For all Mankind and Lucky Brand, right up to Eagle Rock’s Rising Sun fantastic. On the East Coast, New York has its own vibe, and two juxtaposing attitudes of both purist and fashionista. There are the Double RL crew and the PRPS guys pushing the boundaries of vintage and then the ‘90s kings of the runway, Calvin Klein and DKNY. Add to that the inspirational mix of fashion-week darlings such as Rachel Comey and Phillip Lim and you have a whole lot of something for everyone.


Europe is the melting pot of numerous denim style and personalities, its eclectic palette of "de NÎmes" is unrivaled. Europe Weaves its rich history into jeans, but adds a little here and there to create something quirky and spirited. Europe is home to the British anarchists of the denim scene, fuelled by biker gangs, punk rockers, and Camden metalhead. Across the water the eccentric Parisian use their artistic flair and avant-garde energy to spawn such diverse labels as the legendary Marithé et François Girbaud and the rock'n'roll April 77. Traveling south, you'll find the world-renowned Italian denim masters, laundry experts, and laboratory dwellers who put Diesel, Gas, and Fiorucci on the map in the late 1970s. But head north and the scene changes pace again: the denim-heads are out in full force in Berlin or Amsterdam, where devoted blue-blood hang out, where the stores look like denim temples and it's a wonder the canals don't run indigo. And who could miss out Scandinavia, a region that showcases some of the most modern and effortlessly stylish denim brands of recent history: where the greyer skies have inspired all levels of the market from the achingly hip Acne though to the more purist Unionville a Nudie.

*    Denim de Nîmes - Is the French denim or the first indigo fabric woven in the city of Nîmes already in the fifteenth century, from which derives the name Denim.